Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hi Everyone!
I want to start posting more so here's some quick pics of my outfit of the day!

Stadium Jacket: UP START!
Union Jack Tee: Alice Nine Concert swag
Tank Top: World Wide Love
Pleather Skirt/Shorts: World Wide Love

Just a cute casual outfit for school! 

I fell in love with stadium jackets (スタジアムジャケット) when I was in Japan, it's really popular right now! I picked this up while shopping in Jiyuugaoka (自由が丘). I'm not going to lie, I got this jacket from UP START because of the CUTE FACE haha! Also there was a time sale so I picked this up for about $50 USD; not too bad. 

I picked up the shirt from an Alice Nine concert I attended during New Years Eve. I'm a sucker for the Union Jack so it was a must for me. 

Both World Wide Love pieces are from a lucky pack that I bought during New Years. The tank top is a nice contrasting burgundy to against the white tee. When I first got the skirt/shorts I wasn't super thrilled because I thought it looked a little cheap but I was pleasantly surprised that it's a refreshing texture! They are also shorts so I don't have to worry about wind or perverts! Haha!

Hope you enjoyed this.

♥ Tiffa

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