Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stuff I did in June.

Wow, I was so busy with work and school 
that I really stopped blogging for 2 months haha

Well I guess that's a good thing. 
I went to Vegas with a couple of my friends for a weekend! 
It was super fun.
I really liked my outfit for the first night we went out.

Cat Ears: H&M
Dress: Liz Lisa
Bustier: h.naoto Gramm
Shoes: H&M

Lately I've been really into false lashes from Spring Heart! 
They're pretty big but they show up amazing in pictures!
They make me look more mature. 
(Which is good because I look pretty young for my age D: )

I've also been buying more Vivienne Westwood things! 
I'm hopelessly in love with this brand. 

I bought the bag because I've been wanting to get 
a new black purse and a heart shaped bag so this satisfied both needs.
The watch is actually a present from my mom. 
She's amazing and understands my love for Vivienne. <3

I also bought a new Tralala dress!
To be honest it's not my usual style but I think 
I want to try wearing more hime gyaru style.
I was inspired a bit by Oosaki Himena. 
I'll post some pictures of myself in hime gyaru 
sometime but here's a snap of the dress! 
It looked terrible on the hanger but it's adorable when you wear it. 

Next week I'm going to be going to AX with to work for Liz Lisa.
 If you're going, please stop by and say Hi! ^^ 

Hopefully I can remember to blog more often and post some tutorials or something helpful!
♥ Tiffa

Friday, April 12, 2013

New circle lenses~

Hi Everyone~
I bought some new circle lenses from the store that just opened near my apartment~!
They were having a "buy 2 get 1 free" deal for their grand opening so I couldn't resist!!
♪♪ Happy Birthday to me~♪♪

These are the Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Lenses from Geo. 
To be honest, I've never been a big fan of grey colored contacts because I feel like the color is a little too light for me. I admit that these are a little out of my comfort zone but there are some things that I really like about them. The grey color was really bright, but luckily,"sesame" brown color in the middle really helped blend with my natural brown eye color. I'm also a sucker for large, dark limbal rings, which toned down the color a little. These lenses are much bigger (15mm!) than I'm use to wearing but they were surprisingly comfortable! In my opinion, this color needs to be balanced out with darker eye make up, so I don't recommend them for everyday wear. They're definitely perfect if you want your eyes to really stand out.



♥ ティファ

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wanna be a shop staff at MARUQ for a weekend?

♥ ♥ Be a shop staff at MARUQ for the Cherry Blossom Festival! ♥ ♥
We are looking for volunteers who are cheerful, friendly and have an interest in the fashion!
Applicants must be able to work a total of two 5hour shifts during the festival.
 Must be 18 years or older to apply.
For more information, please visit us at! ♪♪
☆ Volunteers who are selected will be considered for future job openings! ☆

♥ ティファ

Friday, April 5, 2013


Sorry everyone, I've been neglecting this for so long!
I've been really busy lately because of work, but it seems like some people still read this blog so I will try to continue to write here.

I'm also doing a language exchange with my Japanese friend. I'm going to try to blog a little in Japanese so that I can improve! Please correct my mistakes if you can! :3

皆、久しぶりだね~ ブッログを無視してごめん!

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hi Everyone!
I want to start posting more so here's some quick pics of my outfit of the day!

Stadium Jacket: UP START!
Union Jack Tee: Alice Nine Concert swag
Tank Top: World Wide Love
Pleather Skirt/Shorts: World Wide Love

Just a cute casual outfit for school! 

I fell in love with stadium jackets (スタジアムジャケット) when I was in Japan, it's really popular right now! I picked this up while shopping in Jiyuugaoka (自由が丘). I'm not going to lie, I got this jacket from UP START because of the CUTE FACE haha! Also there was a time sale so I picked this up for about $50 USD; not too bad. 

I picked up the shirt from an Alice Nine concert I attended during New Years Eve. I'm a sucker for the Union Jack so it was a must for me. 

Both World Wide Love pieces are from a lucky pack that I bought during New Years. The tank top is a nice contrasting burgundy to against the white tee. When I first got the skirt/shorts I wasn't super thrilled because I thought it looked a little cheap but I was pleasantly surprised that it's a refreshing texture! They are also shorts so I don't have to worry about wind or perverts! Haha!

Hope you enjoyed this.

♥ Tiffa

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hope everyone had a good New Years!!
It's been 3 weeks since New Years started though haha. 
Sorry everyone! I'm back from Japan and I'm still alive somehow!
Jet lag has been draining all of my energy!
Here's what I've been up to for the last couple weeks New Years:

(Steph and I before the concert)

I spent my New Years going to the Alice Nine Countdown Live with my best friend!! I'm not going to lie, I've been listening to this band since they first debuted and I was completely stoked to see them. I was a little shocked how different Japanese are from American concerts though. Everyone dances the same specially choreographed dance to every song.. even the fist pumping and head banging is choreographed. It's a little bizarre to me but still really fun. I really just copied the person in front of me haha. 
Another interesting thing to me was that most people were dress in lolita. And by lolita I mean hardcore, head to toe, full on Angelic Pretty. I couldn't believe it but I guess it kind of makes sense? (Not really.) 

Shou was amazing キャー(>ω<*) 将さんの声に感動しました。I ended up headbanging a lot and wound up with a neck ache for 3 days. Totally worth it though. Next time I go, I'm going to try to get fan club tickets since they're closer to the stage.

(2012 was their ninth year :3)

(The stage)

(An awesome Shou cosplayer I fell in love with)

After the concert we went to Meiji Jingu! It's a big shrine in Harajuku (conveniently next to the concert venue) It was super packed after the concert (because there was also an Ayumi Hamasaki concert that night) so we went to some street food stalls to wait for the crowd to die down a little. There were a lot of interesting stalls like Hiroshima style okonomiyaki, fried cheese rolls, candied strawberries, amazake etc. They were all super delicious. I definitely recommend checking it out if you're there for new years. It's on Omotesando Street.
When we did eventually go back to the shrine it was like... being packed into a crowd of people for 2 hours. Every 30 minutes we would move up about 10 feet until we actually got to the shrine. I do not recommend this for people who hate the cold, are claustrophobic or need to go the bathroom every 10 minutes. This line was brutal, but it was the first time I had ever gone so I wanted to experience it like a local. After we went to the shrine, I bought a hamaya for good luck!

(Sake barrels send from breweries all over Japan for the shrine) 
 (end of the line...)
 (Hiroshima yaki *w*)
 (Ichigo ame!!)
 (Karikari Cheese)

 (Apparently I drank too many Chu-Hais and wanted to take a picture with these random mokomoko girls on the street lmao They were amazed by my English.)
 (Buying some luck lol)

After all of this craziness, we went back home, slept for 4 hours and hauled our asses back to Harajuku to get lucky packs.  Unfortunately I don't have pictures from that since I was so busy shopping but I will do a post about what I got in my lucky bag as well as a guide on Lucky Bag season. 

♥ Tiffa

Sunday, December 30, 2012

First couple of days in Tokyo

Hey Everyone,
This is the first time I've been able to use my computer for more than 5 minutes at a time. I've been in Japan for about 2 1/2 days so here's a little summary of what I've done so far:

Day 1:
After flying from San Jose to LA, I transferred from LA to Nartia. The flight was around 12 hours long but my overall airport time was about 17 hours. >__< Luckily I met a some friendly people on the way and had some nice conversations ^^

From Narita I took the train to Hiyoshi, which is where my friend lives. Her neighborhood is so CUTE!!! There's a Mister Donut right in front of the station. My favorite dounts were the Pan de Lion Rings!! This kind of donut is really different than the ones in America. It's more chewy like mochi but still soft!

Day 2:
Woke up early and went to the bank to exchange some money, then went to softbank to try to get a sim card. Unfortunately it didn't work out, but I'm just going to borrow my friend's card for the remainder of the trip :3 I'll write another post for those of you who are thinking about getting a cellphone in Japan.

After doing those errands, we went to Harajuku!! I was surprised that I still remembered where a lot of the stores were located. Not too much has changed since I was last there in 2008. ^^ It's very nostalgic! We kind of wandered around Takeshita dori for a while until we got to Liz Lisa. Apparently they were having a time sale! It was so crazy!! Basically, they have a table and one of the shop girls starts throwing clothes on the the table. They also yell really loud to try to get people into the store. It's actually pretty fun. I'm not sure how long time sales usually last but I probably came in the last 10 minutes of the sale. I got a dress and cutsew for about 5000 yen! ^^ I also came back to the store later and picked up a sweater and short pants as a set for 7000 yen!

We also went to Listen Flavor and chatted with the shop girl for a while. They're super friendly! I ended up buying a moko moko trump print sweater that I had been wanting since I first saw it online.

It's reversible too!! Super nice for the cold weather.

We went to eat at a restaurant called Butter Knife. Honestly we were drawn in by the cute name haha. I really recommend this restaurant!  It was very delicious and not too expensive ^^ The staff were really nice to us! They told us to come back and have a drink with them haha It's about 3 blocks away from Takeshita Dori.

Day 3:
Since my friend Stephanie had work that day, I went to Shibuya by myself ^^ 109 was pretty much the same as I remember it, it's terrible for people who are claustrophobic, but it is a shopper's haven. If you're going to go here, I recommend getting something to eat and drink beforehand! I had a massive headache because I hadn't had breakfast that day. Also the building is packed with people so the air kind of gets thinned out haha.
I was wearing Liz Lisa that day so every time I went to a "rock" gyaru store they would ask me, "Oneesan, do you wear this style too?" At first I was a little surprised since I usually wear rock style but I forgot that I was dressed super girly that day XD I guess most people tend to stick to one style haha.
I ended up buying a set at Tralala. I really needed a top with a ribbon tie and the skirt was just so cute ^^ It was actually cheaper to buy them together because of their special sale.


After 109, I walked to Harajuku to see La foret.
There are a lot of super cool thrift  stores and things on the way so it's a pretty enjoyable walk. I also got to see the Milk store!! OMG IT'S AMAZING!!! SO PRETTY!! I will take photos next time ^^
When I got to  La Foret I was actually stopped by a fashion blogger for a street snap. At first I was really confused and scared because he just started to follow me into the store o_o. 
Our conversation went something like:
Him: Hi, excuse me can I take your photo?
Me: (bluntly) WHY 
Him: OH because... You look cool..
The snap took about 5 minutes. It was really simple :3 I can't wait to see it when he starts his blog haha.
I will write a post on La foret later! I was really focused on shopping for the last 3 days instead of picture taking haha.
fter shopping at La foret I got hit on by a really annoying Japanese guy.. I guess I kind of looked him in the eye while we were walking past each other and all of a sudden he came up to me and said, "Jikan nai? (Are you busy?)" I feel a little lame but I just kind of ran away XD

This post is kind of getting long but honestly I did a lot more things than what's written haha. I will try to break them into chunks from now on so it's easier to read. If there's something you want to know more about, I'll try to write about it. 

Until next time,

❤ Tiffa